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Meet The Ripley Farmers

Gene & Mary Margaret Ripley

At Ripley Farm, our mission is to grow and deliver the healthiest crops to our local customers and rebuild the tradition of seasonal eating.  We want to be your farmers! 

Ripley Farm was born in 2009 out of our love for farming, veggies of all kinds, and serving the local community.  After years of hard work, Ripley Farm is well known today for our picture-perfect produce that goes into our popular Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share program in rural Piscataquis County.   We manage five acres of MOFGA Certified Organic crops including over 50 kinds of vegetables, flowers, perennials, and herbs, which we sell primarily through our Summer CSA, our Winter CSA, and wholesale accounts. 


  Organic Vegetables on display at Farmers Market  

Ripley Farm is MOFGA Certified Organic

At Ripley Farm we believe that everyone deserves healthy food!  That is why we have partnerned with the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) who reviews and approves the organic production practices of over 450 farms statewide.  We are proud to have our farm inspected on a yearly basis by MOFGA to ensure our compliance with the organic standards.  Our partnership with MFOGA guarantees that we do not use toxic chemicals to grow your food, and that we DO use natural soil building techniques to raise superior quality produce for our customers.

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Farmer Gene:  Farmer Owner.  Can build and repair almost anything, enjoys running the tractor, and manages the harvests.  In addition to farming, Gene loves timberframing, animal tracking, cooking, and being a dad!

Farmer Mary Margaret:  Farmer Owner.  After years as the fastest harvester at Ripley Farm, veggie wash up queen, and founder of the PYO gardens, Mary Margaret now helps manage behind the scenes while raising a child.  In addition to farming, Mary Margaret loves fermenting, teaching classes, sunshine, blue skies, swimming, and being a mom!

organic scallions (green onions) getting washed