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May the Season Begin

Happy May!  Here we are on the other side of a long winter.  The snow is gone, the birds are back, the grass is green, and we are ready for our ninth season farming at Ripley Farm! 

Of course everything is the same as it is every year, but this year there is a new pair of boots on the ground!  Things like worms, pebbles, puddles, and dirt are all new for our one year old daughter.  As we get ready to get our hands dirty again this year we are renewed in our excitement about organic farming thanks to her. 

Thankfully the ground is looking great as it was an easy winter for the soil.  The farm was covered in snow starting in December and stayed that way all the way through the end of March when we had 20 inches on the ground.  

Then some great spring rains and temperatures up to 70 came and by April 14 all the snow was gone! 

We were happy to find that the ground wasn't frozen underneath, and April brought us some good rains to help start it warming up.  This past week Gene has been getting the ground ready for our first week of planting next week, starting with carrots, snap peas, and onions.  Fields are looking nice!

Our first crop is in the ground in the hoophouse for the July Summer CSA boxes: Sweet Early Bunching CARROTS!  Yay!

Our returning employee Sara helped dig the hoophouse out of the snow so we could get the plastic on and start seeding leeks, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and more.  The little seedlings are all now coming right along and are hoping for some more warm sunny days to get growing big time! 

May we all enjoy the season of growth anew this spring!