Pick-Your-Own Flowers and Herbs

Pick-your-own flower bouquets and culinary herbs included as a free bonus with membership!

Join Ripley Farm's Community Supported Agriculture farm share program and when you come to the farm to pick up your box of vegetables you also get access to our nearby organic flower and herb gardens that are stocked with well over 50 different varieties to choose from. 

Fresh flower bouquets each week!

Near the pick-up area, we maintain perennial and annual flowers that bloom from July through the beginning of October ensuring that our CSA members have a wide array available for bouquet making each week.  Many of our CSA members enjoy creating beautiful and unique bouquets with in season flowers!

Cut your own culinary herbs each week!

A few common and popular herbs like dill, cilantro, parsley and basil are included within our CSA farm shares, we also provide the opportunity for our CSA members to pick additional variety from week to week as desired.  We cultivate a perennial and annual herb garden close to the pick up area for convenient picking using our clippers and small baggies.  Herbs that are usually available for picking fresh each week are:  sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram, lavender, dill, basil, chives, savory, four kinds of mints and more!

It's all organic!

Of course Ripley Farm's pick-your-own herbs and flower gardens are all organically grown, too!  We consider these gardens very important to our farm because they provide wonderful pollinator habitat as well as beautifying the farm at the same time! 

Download our 2016 brochure today to sign up for Ripley Farm's Community Supported Agriculture program to enjoy the growing season's fresh flowers and herbs for free!