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How To Make Pesto And What To Do With It

Pesto used to be an intimidating word to me.

I didn’t grow up hearing it often, except occasionally at an Italian restaurant. And even then I had no idea what it meant. Just that it sounded fancy.

This weekend, I had some leftover turnip greens, carrot tops, and basil in my fridge that were, well... needing to be used up. And not wanting to waste anything…

How to Freeze Greens to Save for Later Use

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

Is your garden bursting with fresh green-ness at its peak?

Is your fridge full of greens from your CSA share you just can't quite keep up with?

No matter what, this time of year can be heavy on the greens.

While some of us just can’t get enough greens in our lives (like me right now!), you may be overloaded with them and not sure how to eat them all before they go bad. 

How to Eat More Salad, With Recipes

"What do I do with all of this lettuce?” 

One thing I can say for sure about most new CSA members, is that you report having to work to eat all of the veggies that come every week in the farm share. That it gets you eating more veggies than you have in your life.

And especially the lettuce can be a lot for some people, at first. This is even true of some seasoned CSA members…

How to Store Your Veggies to Make Them Last

“Hey, this kale is all limp!”

"These carrots are all rubbery!"

Have you ever said that? If you have, this post is for you!

If you haven’t, then either you already know some of this (yay!) or you haven’t had fresh greens or other veggies in your fridge very often.

Wilty greens or limp carrots aren't just unappetizing, they're also not as nutritious either.  And they plain just don't last as long or taste as good.

How to Make a Vegetable Frittata With Whatever You Have

Frittata? Does the fancy sounding word intimidate you?

One of my 3-year-old daughter’s favorite books is 'Fancy Nancy'. Anyone else know the one?? And with this post I feel rather like her…

“Frittata is a fancy way of saying an easy egg dish that you can put lots of veggies into and make fast!”

I think that the word 'frittata' probably did intimidate me growing up. I thought of frittata or quiche as something only the cutesy French brunch place could do right…

How To Eat The Most Veggies: Grow A Garden AND Do CSA!

If you are like me, you like to garden.

For you, gardening is relaxing and rewarding. You get to take your shoes off and feel the cool soil and grass. It gets you outside the house hands in the dirt growing food.

A garden is a great place to unwind when you get home from work or on the weekends on your free time. It is also a great place for kids (and adults!) to learn about food.

Many of our CSA members come to the CSA because they love garden fresh so much but don’t quite seem to have enough time or space to grow it all themselves.

Want To Plant More Flowers In Your Garden This Year?

Are you looking to make a change and plant more flowers in your garden this year?

Even if you are a veggie lover at heart (like we are!), flowers are an important part of the garden to provide habitat for the beneficial insects, birds, and pollinators that benefit the garden as a whole.


Our journey to native plants

It’s probably pretty obvious, but we are veggie farmers.

So why on earth are we talking about native plants? Are the veggies native plants?

No, our food plants are primarily non-native.

Why We Didn't Quit Farming and Are Sure Spring Will Come

Here we are in April waiting for the snow to melt. Waiting for winter to be a distant memory. We got an unusually early first snow, way back on November 10 that just stuck and didn’t ever melt.

Six months later we just got another 8” of fresh white stuff on top of the not all the way melted winter snow pack.

My daughter says, “the trees have snow on their teeth” aka snow is covering all the trees, the spring bird songs are muted, and the mud is no longer on our boots.

From ‘You’re crazy’ to ‘This changed my whole life'

So you’ve decided that you want to change your diet.

Or you aim to influence your husband’s diet.

Or get your kids eating better.

What New Things Will You Try This Year?

As a CSA member, we know you like to try new things and expand your horizons with vegetables.

So do we.

Heck, one of our very favorite things to do as farmers is PICK what we're going to grow in the coming season.  

Yep, the farm crew has spent many of these cold, wintry days in early March holed up inside the farmhouse, noses in seed catalogs debating the merits of this variety or that variety.

If you're like us, you've probably poked your nose into a seed catalog this winter... or five!