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How to Freeze Greens to Save for Later Use

I know this time of year is heavy on the greens. Some of us just can’t get enough greens in our lives, and others are overloaded. 

Don’t worry it won’t be like this forever… just wait until summer squash starts. Ha!

Others still are smart. They know that greens that look like this baby kale taste delicious this time of year and want to preserve that for the times when greens are more sparse.


16 Ways to Reuse Your Plastic CSA Share Liner

By Samantha Coffin, CSA Facebook Community Group Manager


Hate throwing away plastic bags?

Wonder what you should do with your big plastic bag that your CSA comes with each week?

Here is a great list to get you started on reusing them each week!




5 Easy Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

When it comes to our diets, there is little agreement about what we should be eating. There are vegans, vegetarians, Keto-fans, and everything in between.

Then of course there's the "Kaleman Diet":



But seriously, people can get adamant about their opinions on diet! Maybe you’ve experienced this? On social media, perhaps?

7 Steps to Making the Most Out of Your CSA Box

C S A … What does that even stand for? That it means “Community Supported Agriculture” doesn’t really help in understanding what it actually is.

CSA is not really a universal household term. So it probably isn’t a surprise that many CSA newbies don’t really know what to expect when they start one.

Top Kitchen Tools You Need to Succeed at CSA

Joining a CSA can be new and overwhelming.

I get this. Totally.

You might not know my story, but I am personally attached to CSA because it is very much part of my growing up into an adult.

I joined my first CSA when I was 21 and still in college.

Um, yes, I joined my first CSA right literally at the same time I had my own kitchen for the first time…

And had to cook for myself. No dining hall meal plan.  No mama.

How to Store Your Veggies to Make Them Last

“Hey, this kale is all limp!”

Have you ever said that? If you have, this post is for you!

If you haven’t, then either you already know some of this (yay!) or you haven’t had fresh greens or other veggies in your fridge very often.

Wilty greens or limp carrots aren't just unappetizing, they're also not as nutritious either.  At Ripley Farm we take great care to get your CSA vegetables to you in the best condition possible so that they will have maximum freshness for you all week. 

How to Pick Your Own Bouquet And Make it Last

Sometimes the busy summer can have you constantly running from this to that. And it is hard to find time for you. I understand. I’m a farmer and full-time mama.

But, who doesn’t love slowing down to enjoy the beauty of nature and picking some gorgeous flowers along the way?

I know that I always find joy in picking flowers. Even just a small handful. Something about being outside and seeing all of the pretty blooms gently blowing in the breeze persuades me to be an authentic part of it.

How to Make a Vegetable Frittata With Whatever You Have

Frittata? Does the fancy sounding word intimidate you?

One of my daughter’s favorite books is Fancy Nancy. Anyone else know the one?? And with this post I feel rather like her…

“Frittata is a fancy way of saying an easy egg dish that you can put lots of veggies into and make fast!”

I think that the word frittata probably did intimidate me growing up. I thought of frittata or quiche as something only the cutesy brunch place could do right…

But, not anymore!

Just Curious, What Are Kombucha, Kvass, and Kefir?

Yeah, I know. What language is that??

So what are they? I was just asked this question the other day.

And actually, I had to think about how to describe them. Since I have been making them for years now I forget they are likely new to many people!

Kombucha, beet kvass, and kefir are non-alcoholic fermented drinks loaded with probiotic healthy goodies.

Why do these carrots taste so good?

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get this question.

Actually, I just got this question again even though we sold our last carrots over a month ago.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a mini-reunion with my five best friends from high school. It was in New Jersey, and I decided to drive instead of fly…

Yes, it was a super long trip by myself with a 2 year old in the car… (Can you imagine how many stops it took?)  But so worth it!