Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We're hiring!


Assistant Farmer at Ripley Farm

Make a difference. Get an education. Get paid.

A year round job where you are truly valuable to the success of the farm.

We know what it feels like to be sent off to harvest more bunches of chard from the same hopeless patch – again. We’ve been there. We were apprentices, too.

Maybe you’ve considered taking a $2,000 online course or going back to school for sustainable agriculture…

We’re here to offer you a different road to take.

Imagine a farming job where…

  • You can make an impact every day
  • Your input is valued and listened to every time
  • You get your questions answered about “why?”
  • And you get paid.

We need someone like you, someone who cares about their role on the farm, to help us grow and meet our goals.   

Download the job description and apply today

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