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Farm Slideshow

Zinnias in the CSA gardens
'Concept' green summer crisp lettuce
Harvesting greens under the row cover
Cucumbers, squash, and the farm in August
Garlic harvest
Fresh hand dug new potatoes
Staking up adolescent pepper plants
Prepping for customers at market
Beautiful roots
Shiny red cocktail tomatoes
MM loves flowers
August market array
Monarch caterpillar in the garden
Bucket full of tomatoes!
Making sauerkraut on the farm!
Farmer Gene and four Ripley Farm bees!
Gene wading through the misty broccoli
Transplanting Celosia plants with flowers soon to come
A summer storm passing north of the farm...
The cutest baby chick pic in the world!
Happy Ripley piggies!
The first salad turnip harvest!
MM tine-weeding with the tractor
Sweet clover cover crop stands tall
Planting the CSA PYO garden!
Early hilling of potatoes in June
Six pack of pepper plants
Tomato and pepper planting time!
Spring seedlings
Gene & MM in freshly hilled potatoes
Fresh picked green beans
Gene transplanting at dusk (again!)
Summer broccoli harvest
Summer sunset on the farm
Removing barrier fabric from winter squash to let in pollinators
PYO flower garden in July
Love, peace and carrots!
Early carrots!
Hunting for snap peas
Beautiful beets waiting to be bunched
First beet harvest in 2013
Field of winter squash
Bumblebee on Rose Milkweed
Little summer cabbages all in a row!
Harvesting cabbage in summer
Gene, his dad, and the greenhouse tomatoes
The Ripley Farmers
Boxes full of produce ready to be displayed at Farmers Market
July flower bouquets
A farmer's hello!
Some of the 2013 garlic harvest
Digging garlic
Gene transplanting at dusk
First Farmers Market of the season in July
CSA PYO flower garden abloom in August
Peak of red ripe tomato season
'Bolero' carrot lifting!
Getting our summer CSA boxes all ready to go
Gorgeous summer broccoli
MM washing 'Dragon' carrots
The Ripley Farm crew after another summer 2013 wet harvest!
MM mulching leeks with straw
Fresh sweet onions
Ripley Farm's beautiful booth at Farmers Market
Our organic highbush blueberries!
Ripley pigs are happy at the farm
Flower bouquets ready for Farmers Market in September
Ripley Farm's pet kohlrabi :)
Radishes ready for display at Farmers Market
Rainbow carrots
Happy farm friend!!
MM cleaning onions in fall
Gene harvesting rutabaga
Harvesting cabbages
MM harvesting potatoes
Gene harvesting in the greenhouse
2013 Ripley Farm crew!
First spinach harvest from the greenhouse
Fall brassicas
Wrapping a pallet of carrots for Crown of Maine
Harvesting rutabaga in October
Planting garlic in October
Carrots headed for Thanksgiving baskets
Boxing Winter CSA shares
Harvesting spinach in the greenhouse
Getting ready for a Winter CSA harvest
Winter sunset at the farm
MM clearing snow away from greenhouse
Our greenhouse in winter
MM transplanting kale in the greenhouse in September
Weeding beans
Kale harvest in the rain
Ripley Farm in June
Hilling potatoes
Sheep in winter (and a farmer :)
Washing vegetables to go in our CSA shares
baby ducklings!
Raising our timber framed barn
Scything the greenhouse's cover crop
Gene's handmade wooden produce boxes
Putting plastic on the greenhouse
Spring farm flowers
Fall Crops
Onion Harvest
Spring - Getting Ready