How To Win A Farm Fresh Thanksgiving Veggie Basket

UPDATE: November 24, 2019


Congratulations to Linda-Jean B. for winning the 2019 Thanksgiving veggie basket randomly out of 339 entries.  Thank you to everyone who participated this year!  


Thanksgiving is just around the corner...  And eating healthy while having fun and relaxing with family is on my mind.  And yours too, I bet!

We can help with that!

Enter to win our farm fresh Thanksgiving Veggie Basket PLUS 6 recipes to go with it and you’ll be well on your way to simple, easy holiday eating that includes farm fresh organic vegetables!

Interested? Why not??

Here are the details of the giveaway...


What is the official giveaway prize?

In one word... THIS:




A Thanksgiving Veggie Basket full of veggies grown on our farm! Organic, fresh and delicious tasting!

PLUS this free recipe booklet with simple holiday recipes using all of the veggies in the basket making it easy for you to put them on your table. No thinking!

Everyone who enters the giveaway gets a copy of the recipe booklet sent to your inbox.  And one lucky person gets the basket of veggies!



What’s in the basket?

Our choice of a mix of fresh seasonal organic veggies all grown on our farm, including: (rough amounts listed here)

  • orange carrots (3#)
  • beets (2#)
  • heirloom potatoes (4#)
  • red cabbage (3#)
  • Brussels sprouts (2#)
  • winter squash (4#)
  • garlic (2 bulbs)
  • onions (2#)

That's 20 pounds of fresh goodness picked just for you, valued at nearly $50 retail value!

And they're all veggies in the right amounts to make the 6 recipes in the free recipe booklet you get when you enter the giveaway!

Now, how cool is that?



What are the details of the giveaway?

  • Giveaway description.
    The Ripley Farm Thanksgiving Veggie Basket giveaway is run by Gene and Mary Margaret Ripley, owners of Ripley Farm. The giveaway will be open from Friday Nov 22, 2019 at 6 am to Sunday Nov 24, 2019 at 6pm. 
  • Eligibility.
    If you have a valid Maine postal address you are eligible to enter. In order to claim your prize you must respond to our email sent on the night of Sunday Nov 24, 2019 at 8pm saying you’ve won within 1 hour to confirm your mailing address and acceptance of the prize.  If you are unable to respond within 1 hour, we’ll move on to the next winner. 
  • Prize distribution logistics. 
    You have two options here: 
    1.  Come to the farm in person and get it between Monday Nov 25 and Wednesday Nov 27, at a time agreed upon by both parties. 
    2.  We can ship it to your Maine postal address via USPS Priority Mail on Monday November 25.  The package should arrive by Wednesday Nov 27, 2019.
  • Winner selection.
    One winner will be selected at random from the list of giveaway entrants. Winner will be contacted by email on the evening of Sunday Nov 24, 2019 at 8pm.
  • Privacy.
    To enter the giveaway you must provide your first and last name and your email address and you will be added to our email list. You may unsubscribe at any time from this list and we will never sell your information.  We send twice monthly emails with helpful info about how to use more healthy veggies!
  • Winner’s list.
    I know that you might want to know who won the giveaway, so after it is over and we’ve confirmed a winner, we will put the name of the winner right here on this blog post. So check back if you're curious... and aren't the winner!  :)
  • No purchase necessary.
    You do not have to make a purchase with Ripley Farm to enter this giveaway. You just need to meet the eligibility guidelines mentioned above to be confirmed a winner.


How do I enter to win?


STEP #1: Enter to Win

Fill out the form below providing your email and name.


STEP #2: Confirm your subscription

Go to your email and open the email from us and click to confirm your subscription to our email list to officially enter the giveaway.  You'll be sent a link to the free holiday recipe booklet!  

Yes, you still have to do this step even if you are already on our email list!  (It's the only way to weed out spam entries.)


STEP #3: Reply to a "You're a winner" email from us

Be available to reply to an email saying you are the winner at 8pm on Sunday November 24, 2019.


UPDATE: November 24, 2019


Congratulations to Linda-Jean B. for winning the 2019 Thanksgiving veggie basket randomly out of 339 entries.  Thank you to everyone who participated this year!  


If you have any questions about the Thanskgiving Veggie Basket giveaway, please contact Gene and Mary Margaret at  Thank you!


Good luck and be sure to share this with your friends!

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Comments (3)

What a beautiful Thanksgiving basket with delicious foods from Ripley Farm! I hope I am lucky enough to win it because I love vegetables!

What a wonderful gift. Yum!!!

I miss coming to the farm each week; all the fresh veggies and chatting with Robert, Sabrina and of course the two of you! The basket looks and I am sure tastes delicious too! Happy Thanksgiving!