Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes Recipes


Availability: July

Storage tips: Garlic scapes should be stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. They should last at least a week (and up to 2-3 weeks) kept in this manner.

How to eat: Garlic scapes are the green flower stalks that the garlic plants send up in late June through early July. We pick them off to help the plant concentrate its energy on making a large garlic bulb for the fall. The whole garlic scape is edible and tastes just like garlic and can be used like garlic. Its especially great minced up in stir-fries.  It is a little bit tougher than regular garlic so needs to be minced up very well or cooked through.

How to preserve:  Chop up your garlic scapes and throw them in a plastic ziplock bag.  Freeze.  Can use the frozen garlic scapes in stir-fries, soups, or anything else!  They freeze very well.

Here's a basic recipe for hummus that I like.  I usually just put things in without measuring exactly and then taste to see what we need more of, as is reflected in the below recipe.  Feel free to add or subtract based on your personal taste.  Use the finished product as a dip for raw veggies or spread on bread!

4-6 garlic scapes (more if you like), chopped
1 can of chick peas, rinsed
2-4+ tablespoons lemon juice (to taste)
olive oil
1 teaspoon tahini (or to taste)
ground cumin to taste
cayenne pepper (optional)

Combine ingredients into food processor and process until smooth.  Taste and add more of anything you think you need.  Store in the refrigerator and use up within a week.

Great on pasta, spread on French bread, or with chicken or fish.  It freezes well so make a nice sized batch of this seasonal treat!!

9-10 garlic scapes
1/2 cup slivered almonds (or other nuts)
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup grated parmesan
salt and pepper to taste

Discard the knobby seed pot and tail from garlic scapes and coarsely chop.  Put scapes and almonds into food processor.  Blend until smooth paste.  Add olive oil slowly while running the food processor.  Then add parmesan, salt and pepper.  Blend to incorporate.  Serve fresh or refrigerate or freeze.

From Robert Segerson, Assistant Farm Manager.  His favorite way to use garlic scapes!
  • 1/2 cup garlic scapes, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix in blender or food processor. I find that garlic scapes are a bit hard when raw, so I always mix thoroughly.

Wow and yum!  This is so easy but really changes plain scrambled eggs for the better!  Try it!

  • butter or cooking oil
  • 1 garlic scape, minced (or to taste)
  • 6 eggs
  • dash of milk
  • salt and pepper
  • grated cheese (optional)

Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper.  Heat butter on medium in skillet.  Add garlic scape and saute briefly, stirring, about 30 seconds.  Add eggs and scramble until just about cooked.  Add optional cheese and mix in to get it melty.  Serve hot with salsa.