Watermelon Recipes

This recipe is flexible, so play around with it!  So refreshing!

  • watermelon, seeded
  • lime juice
  • fresh mint

Cut about a quarter of the watermelon off to start.  Dig out the melon with a big spoon and put it in your blender.  Fill it right up because when you blend it, it will about halve.  Snip up 4 or 5 mint leaves (or more) and squeeze a half a lime in the blender.  Whizz into a drink.  Taste to see if you want more mint or more lime.  Drink.  Leave it thick and more like a smoothie or add a bit of water and/or ice. 

Availability: September

Storage tips: Refrigerate or store at room temperature.

How to eat: Watermelons are a yummy treat at the end of summer! Eat them by the slice or chop them up and make a fruit salad.