Read what our customers say about their experience with our CSA farm shares!

HURRAY!! IT'S CSA DAY AT RIPLEY ORGANIC FARM where I'm always greeted with smiles and pleasant conversation while receiving my beautiful, delicious, and nutritious CSA share of veggies and PYO flowers all of which are grown with love and dedication by the Ripley Organic Farm farmers following the wisdom of Mother Nature. After 80 healthy and happy years of enjoying my own home grown veggies, I'm now supplementing my smaller garden with Ripley Organic Farm's large variety of highest quality veggies. And to all you other 'Golden Oldie Folks' out there,  TREAT YOURSELVES TO  RIPLEY ORGANIC FARM VEGGIES, YOU'LL LIKE THEM!! --SN, Sangerville
Spending summers in Maine at our camp on Sebec Lake is my greatest joy. In addition to all the family events we are so fortunate to go to Ripley Farm every week. Not only do we get to visit with Gene, Mary Margaret and Harriet but we also get to see the pigs and chickens. Of course the ultra-fresh vegetables filled with unequaled flavor is why I originally joined the CSA, but I have to admit picking a beautiful bouquet of flowers is my favorite part of Ripley Farm. Pure delight! --Anonymous
This is my fourth year doing the summer CSA with Ripley Farms. They are kind, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The boxes are always filled with fresh, delicious veggies and great recipe ideas to try for the whole family. Fresh flowers are always a favorite for the kids, and fresh herbs for us adults. Thank you Ripley Farm for being so amazing! --S. Hurd
Why do I love Ripley Farm CSA...let me count the ways!!!  The produce is always fresh and beautiful, both to look at as well as to eat, never picked before its time.  I especially love reading the descriptions and recipes included each week in our stash -- thank you Mary Margaret!!  I have learned so much about what I eat and I am happy to be a part of Ripley Farms!!  --B. Mullins
The folks at Ripley's are the greatest and their organic vegetables are awesome!  Each week is a great surprise of quality vegetables.  They are farm fresh, clean, well packaged, and most importantly delicious and nutritious! I'm so pleased to be able to be a part of Ripley's CSA.   --myh
Five years ago, we discovered Ripley Farm’s CSA program and have never looked back! The produce is outstanding, the quality is first rate and the diversity and quantity is generous. Perhaps equally important is the professionalism of management. In addition to being warm, caring and honest people, it is very apparent that Gene and Mary Margaret put their hearts into their work. And we as CSA subscribers are the beneficiaries. --Ben and Mary Sue Henszey
We have been so blessed to be able to have the CSA from Ripley Farm.  It is exciting every time we go to pick up our order to see what is inside.  There are the expected veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes but there is so much more.  Many times there are new things that we may not have tried before but the newsletter has suggestions for use and it has expanded our diet greatly.  We now have new favorite veggies because of the CSA. We also feel it is so important to support a young farming family in this new era of eating more closely to nature.  It is great to be able to speak with our farmers every time that we pick up our order.  You can see the passion that they have for raising healthy foods for their customer friends. --Ken and Merrie Knightly, Lagrange
In the spring of 2016 I decided to become a CSA member with Ripley Farm after my purchase of carrots, from their booth, at the Maine Harvest Festival the previous fall.  Their vegetable selections varied each week, giving a tasty assortment of fresh, organic veggies all summer long.  Thank you Gene and Mary Margaret for your hard work and dedication to provide the best organic produce I have ever had. --KC – Hermon 1 year as CSA member, looking forward to year 2
We love our CSA from Ripley Farm because the vegetables are fresh, local and organic. We refer our customers to Ripley Farm because we know the quality and nutritional value are A+++! Thank you for helping us eat real food all through the year. --Peter and Shirley Wright, Healing Center of Maine
We found Ripley Farm when we moved to the region 2 years ago. We immediately joined their waiting list and were excited to join for the 2016 summer CSA. We joined because of the amazing quality of local and organic produce!! Also, the owners and staff are exceptional. Gene and Mary Margaret make you feel like a close friend every time you arrive at the farm. They know everyone’s name, always ask how you are and share great recipes and tips for all your awesome veggies. It is such a joy to be introduced to new veggies, getting to eat fresh, local, organic food and picking herbs and flowers at the farm in the summer months. We joined the winter CSA this year too, keeping us eating local 9 months out of the year!! Our family highly recommends Ripley Farm to all our friends! You will be so happy you joined! --Samantha Coffin and Jeff Harrington of Rockwood, Maine
We're starting our 4th year as a member of the Ripley Farm CSA and we love it!  We started as a way to support our goal of eating healthier and also trying new and different fresh veggies. Guess what, we learned there's a lot we didn't know about and now love!  (The newsletter and website is a great resource to learn about and how to use the yummy veggies plus there's tons of great recipes!) --The Fletcher Family, Orrington, ME
Participating in Ripley Farm’s CSA program fulfills our mission to support local, sustainable agriculture and to eat an organic vegan diet.  Opening a box of their veggies and discovering what’s inside is like receiving a gift from a friend.  We’ve added many new recipes to our repertoire as a result of working creatively with the surprising combinations that make up our weekly or biweekly (in the winter) bounty, and we appreciate being introduced to new varieties of old favorites. --Medora & Martin Van Denburgh of Medford, 2-year members
We chose to try Ripley Farm's CSA program because it is economical and local. We chose to stay with Ripley Farm's CSA program because of the pride, education, and delicious bounty put into each box. It's easy to feel enthusiastic about your food when your farmers are interacting with you weekly.   -- KN, Old Town  (2nd year CSA member)
We joined the CSA program in 2016 and absolutely love it - it's like Christmas every Wednesday when we receive our box!  Not only has it helped us with a healthier eating lifestyle, we have also learned about new vegetables and really enjoy the recipes that come in the weekly newsletter.  With our CSA, we get the satisfaction of knowing that we are eating produce that has been picked at the peak of ripeness.  Better health awaits you with your very first box - try it out! --Anonymous
Christmas comes once a week for us from July through mid October thanks to our CSA with Ripley Farm. We love opening the boxes each week and seeing the wide variety of gorgeous, very clean, vegetables.  Mary Margaret's newsletters are a great read and include delicious recipes. --Anonymous
Healthful, local, fresh-picked, clean, MOFGA certified organic veggies are the reason we belong to Ripley Farm's CSA Farm Share Program.  As long-time members of MOFGA, we very much appreciate the standards to which Gene and Mary Margaret adhere in their growing practices.  The fresh, you-pick herbs and flowers make the farm experience complete!  Summer wouldn't be summer without our weekly trip to wonderful Ripley Farm where Gene and Mary Margaret and their staff are smiling as we arrive! --Beth and Joe Ranagan, Members since 2012
Once I became a member of Ripley Farm’s CSA farm share program in the summer of 2014, my life changed.  A wide variety of MOFGA-certified organic, super fresh, clean and excellent quality veggies and culinary herbs are selected through the seasons to add amazing color and taste to my family’s table as well as to provide nutrition, which results in good health for our lives. How exciting to see what’s in my share box after each pickup and to read the accompanying newsletter, which provides storage and preparation ideas, cooking tips, and farm news!  As an added benefit during the growing season, I can wander leisurely through the lovely flower gardens and pick my own bouquet.  Mary Margaret and Gene are so warm and welcoming that I feel like a member of their extended family. --Pat Juska, Atkinson, ME
The Ripley Farm’s fresh, quality produce includes common vegetables and unexpected treats such as our personal favorite, salad turnips.  Trips to the farm to collect the coveted, weekly share include an opportunity to cut fresh flowers and herbs while being greeted by the family’s friendly smiles and up-to-date farm news.   --The Reeds, Dover-Foxcroft, CSA members for 6 years (or since inception)
I have enjoyed visiting Ripley Farms for 2 years now- this will be my third. I used to garden a HUGE patch, but then I moved, and don't have the space or time anymore, so I was delighted to be introduced by friends to Gene and Mary Margaret and their organic farm. I was REALLY missing those fresh tomatoes and peas!! But even better, we can pick bouquets of beautiful flowers and fresh herbs each time we go the the farm for a pick-up!!! I am learning how to container garden now, but honestly, I get so much produce that my husband and I can hardly finish it before the next pick-up date. And I appreciate the index of recipes- I've grown or had many of the veggies they provide, but they always seem to introduce me to one or two I've not had before. So, if it's a choice between they weed or I weed, I choose them!!  --Anonymous
I heard about your CSA program from a friend.  I decided that I wanted to get fresh veggies every week as well. I'm always excited to see what I have in my box each week.  It's kinda like Christmas.  Every time I eat a raw carrot, I think how much sweeter these are than any others I have ever had.  I just love them.  It's been fun trying all the new veggies.  I'm looking forward to the summer CSA program this year. --April, Guilford, Me
We received our very first season of CSA share from the Ripley Farm as a wedding gift, and it was really the gift that kept on giving! The amount of beautiful, colorful, and tasty organic veggies each week continually amazed us. We were so excited to try out new things we had never eaten before and cook with them. One of our favorites had to be the garlic scapes - delicious! We are looking forward to our second season with the Ripley Farm and hope to take a ride out to pick wildflowers a couple of times. This CSA is highly recommended to anyone looking to experience fresh, local organic food from farm to table! --Anonymous
Aside from the concept of knowing where our food comes from, there are a number of reasons that we are a 2 year member of the CSA. We particularly enjoy the pick your own garden of herbs and flowers. It is nice to be able to enjoy fresh bouquets of flowers as well as having a ready supply of Basil to keep us in pesto all year long. It is also fun to be able to try new varieties of vegetables that otherwise we would not experience, not to mention Mary Margarets recipes! --Charles and Stacy Shaffer, Sebec