What Is CSA And Why Should I Care?

A common question I get is…

“How do I buy from you?”

No, we don’t attend the farmers market and don’t have a traditional farm stand…

"So what exactly do you do??" You may ask.

We feed over 150 local families and couples fresh vegetables grown on our farm for at least half the year!

Intrigued? Read on…


Here’s what we do on our small family farm

Our farm’s primary and most important source of income is our CSA farm share program.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

Sounds like a bunch of jargon, right?

In a nutshell, we provide local families and couples an alternative to the wilted and boring produce at the grocery store with weekly beautiful organic veggies grown on our farm and seasonal recipes to inspire them to eat more veggies and love every bite!

So when you buy a CSA you are essentially buying a farm share. A share in what is produced on the farm. (In our case, that’s organic veggies!)

Members pay in advance for a growing season so farmers like us have the necessary operating funds to get the season going.

During the growing season, members receive a box of produce from the farm on a regular schedule (once per week July through October and twice a month November through June).



Why should I care?  (Your story)

The answer is another question, “Why shouldn’t you care?”

With the rates of cancer, disease, and now food safety threats in this country, who doesn’t want to eat healthier and cleaner? Get more vegetables into their diet AND love every bite?

If you are an adventurous cook looking for more inspiration to eat healthy, then joining a CSA might be a great option for you.

If you're looking for a connection to a farm and a family of farmers that will change your life, then joining our CSA might be the best decision you can make.


CSA is good for YOU because you’re:

  1. Supporting your local farmers—you know who we are! You can greet us in person, call us, email us, Facebook us, whatever way you choose to be in touch with real live farmers! CSA is THE BEST WAY to support your local farmers.
  2. Really knowing where your food comes from—It comes 100% from our farm! You can visit the farm and shake the hand of your farmers. We can show you exactly where our romaine lettuce grows!
  3. Choosing true food safety—we’re MOFGA/USDA certified organic for your peace of mind AND our food is grown right here on our farm with love. No unanswered questions here.
  4. Pushing yourself to eat more and different veggies—everyone likes a challenge, right? Because you make a commitment to the farm, you also make a commitment to yourself. You are GOING to eat better and it WILL be more interesting. By signing up, that’s what you promise yourself!
  5. Trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen—with our newsletter, cooking tips, and recipe ideas, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do with your veggies or forget to have fun doing it!
  6. Learning new kitchen skills—like freezing extra veggies! Or fermenting! There’s always something to learn and try and you can be sure to want to do at least one new thing per season with your CSA veggies. We’ve got free classes you can come to and learn, too!
  7. Getting the freshest taste—veggies aren’t sitting out at grocery stores or farmers market getting limp and wilted. Yours are harvested especially for you at their peak of flavor!
  8. Getting produce that lasts a lot longer—we pick out the best quality veggies for you, harvest them fresh, and package them in a way that keeps them fresh, resulting in produce that lasts way longer than what you can buy at the store.
  9. Feeling a part of a community—whether you pick up on the farm or at a drop site, you are part of our farm’s family. As a CSA member you’re always welcome here anytime to pick your own flowers and herbs, on Open Farm Day, for monthly classes, as well as in our private Facebook CSA member community group. It’s nice to be part of a like-minded group of people, don’t you think?
  10. Saving money—what? Isn’t a CSA a big chunk of change? Well, yes, but this is one that we hear from so many members! One is that you don’t go out to eat as much and save money that way (and eat better, to boot). The other is that you don’t have to go to the grocery store as much and save money from not making all those impulse purchases while you’re there. (You and I both know that’s true!!!)
  11. Getting garden fresh produce without having to do all that gardening—Ideally you would grow all your own veggies, right? But realistically that may not happen for you for whatever reason, so having a CSA takes the pressure off of you from having to do it all. You can trust that the veggies you get are grown just the way you would in your own garden!
  12. Getting a pile of veggies faster and easier than going to the farmers market—no lines, no decisions, and lots of connection with your farmers, camaraderie with other members, and recipes and support to help you get motivated!
  13. Feeling more inspired than going to the grocery store—With a CSA share you're guaranteed to get a selection of vibrant, interesting, beautiful vegetables that taste delicious and FRESH in each box. I know from experience that it’s hard to find that at the grocery store!


Why do we care?  (Our story)

To cut to the chase, we care because the connection to the people who eat our food matters just as much to us as it does to those who eat our food.  

Knowing that people care and get enjoyment out of the food that we grow with our hard work is what makes that hard work all worth it.  Getting an email from you saying how much you appreciate the spinach that week provides us the motivation to keep going.

Farming is hard work.  The relationships that we have made and continue to make through our CSA member family are what make farming sustainable for our farm.  We wouldn't be here doing it after 10 years without you.


CSA is good for the farmers because we’re:

  1. Provided with the upfront money to get the season started off right--Your dollars help the farm buy seeds and supplies and hire the crew when the farm needs it, BEFORE the season starts!
  2. Getting to know whom we are feeding! Believe it or not, it matters to us, too. We know from experience that knowing the people who eat our food makes us strive to be the best farmers we can! The connection is so important to us!
  3. Able to focus on farming! Knowing that our veggies are presold gives us the needed time during the growing season to focus all of our energy on what’s important; growing the best tasting veggies! We’re not off running in a million different directions with farmers markets and whatnot. We’re your farmers as our top priority.


Time is limited for you to sign up for the 2019 Summer CSA farm share program. Every year we sell out of shares, so sign up today for your share in the fun!  We're so excited to have you be part of our farm's family!


Learn more and sign up here


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