What new things will you try this year?

We know you like to try new things and expand your horizons with vegetables. So do we. And this year, there is room in the CSA planting schedule for a few new and exciting things.

Dare we say poblano peppers and Oriental eggplant!? In 2017 we trialed these things in the PYO gardens (where all new ideas start) and plan to bring them out into the field for CSA production. We also plan to bring back farmers’ market favorites from past years including cauliflower and fennel. PLUS have you ever tasted Romanesco cauliflower? We haven’t either! I am most excited about this new thing for 2018! (See picture below—looks like a psychedelic spiral!)

Do you know that the CSA Pick-Your-Own gardens are free all season long to any Ripley Farm Summer CSA member no matter where you pick up your share? Yes, that is true and we want you to remember that when you are looking for a fun outdoor activity this summer.

Come to the farm and pick yourself a flower bouquet, get fresh herbs, and try some of our trial plantings of new things. We’ll have ground cherries (aka husk cherries) again this year—they taste like pineapples, sorta—as well as new things like Shishito peppers and mini lunch box peppers.

It’s not all going to be unfamiliar new stuff is it? Of course not! We’ll still have roughly the same mix as we do every year with greens for your salads, veggies for raw snacking (candy carrots, anyone?), and plenty for cooking, too!

Farmer Gene has just finished planning for the 2018 Summer CSA harvest season. Having just pulled his head out of seed catalogs… his 2018 Harvest Calendar is now hot off the press! And this year I've pursuaded him to share it! He just wants you to know that nothing is set in stone on it-- so don't think that this is absolutely what you'll get on any given week.  Weather happens, etc.  I'm sure you understand that. 

Download our Harvest Calendar




He's so happy!!!