About our organic perennial plants

Our plants are all MOFGA certified organic and are all grown on our farm!  We start our plants from seed, transplant them into our organic fields where they grow big and strong, and dig and store them for Fedco Trees for their spring bare root catalog sales. 

Our gardens host dozens of varieties of mature perennial plants that are fluttering and humming all summer long with countless amounts of beneficial insects.  All of our CSA members who pick flowers remark on just how many bees and other insects there are flying around our farm!

New wholesale inquiries please contact Gene at or 207-564-0563.

2018 Ripley Farm Organic Bareroot Perennials available through Fedco Trees Catalog.  Some are listed below. 


Astragalus membraneceous

Astragalus is also known as Chinese Milk Vetch Root and is a tall, beautiful legume that can be used medicinally. 


Asclepius tuberosa

Also known as Butterfly weed, it is a member of the milk weed family and attracts many butterflies including the monarchs.  Very beautiful and unique orange colored flowers and the root can be used medicinally.


Asclepius incarnata

Also known as Rose milkweed or swamp milkweed.  4-5 feet tall when mature with many, many rose colored flowers.  Good for cut flowers and very best plant we've ever grown for attracting beneficial insects to the garden, including Monarch butterflies.


Althaea officinalis

Marshmallow plants can grow way taller than Farmer Gene up to 10 feet.  Roots are large and medicinal.  Flowers are subtle pink.  Foliage and stems of the plant are soft and downy feeling.


Achillea millefolium

Aka White Yarrow.  Native to Europe and highly medicinal.  Beautiful white flowers that are great for cut flower bouquets and bloom a long season.  Also attracts beneficials.

Fragaria vesca

Fragaria is also known as alpine strawberry.  It is a perennial clumping strawberry plant that produces edible fruits as well as serving as a great border plant.


Levisticum officinale

Lovage is a culinary perennial plant with permaculture value.  The tender, early shoots are great added to spring soups and are a first food for the wild gatherer.  Later the plant flowers with characteristic umbels which attract beneficials to the garden.  Above is a photo of its first emergence in May, a welcome sight.



Lobelia cardinalis

Aka Cardinal Flower.  Super hummingbird attractor with bright cardinal red spikes loaded with flowers.  Also great cutflower for bouquets.  One of the happiest plants in the garden and grows easily.

Monarda didyma 'Panorama Red Shades'

Mix of reds and pinks with crazy hair-dos!  I love these in the garden almost as much as the hummingbirds do.  Great as cut flowers and form a thick matted that provides soil coverage very well.  One of Mary Margaret's all time favorite perennials!


Monarda fistulosa

Wild Bee Balm, also known as Lavender Bee Balm, is the native species and is the best cultivar for medicinal use as a digestive leaf tea.  Light lavender purple spikey flowers to 5 ft tall form dense root mat and provides good soil coverage.  Loved by the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds alike.  It is pictured above in our gardens on the far left.

Symphytum x uplandicum

Bocking 14 strain of Russian Comfrey.  The best comfrey for the garden.  High yields of leaves for mulch, the compost pile or compost tea.  Doesn't spread by seed.