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Our NEW 'Eat More Veggies' Monthly Class Series is upon us!

New in 2018!  Introducing the Eat More Veggies Monthly class series!  Your farmers at Ripley Farm have big plans to hold a DIY veggie-oriented class every month of the year!  We are in the process of nailing down topics and locations in the Piscataquis and Penobscot region.  If you have suggestions for either, please let us know!  Here's what we've got so far:

About the Instructor
     Since 2007, Mary Margaret Ripley has made over 100 diverse kinds of fermented vegetables, condiments, and beverages with favorites including jalapeño sauerkraut, fermented salsa, flavored kefir, and much more. Mary Margaret and her husband Gene Ripley enjoy her fermented products every day, year round.
     With her ‘traveling kitchen’ in tow, Mary Margaret began teaching food preparation in 2011. Since then, she, together with sous chef Gene, has trained hundreds of local fermenting enthusiasts at her classes in Bangor, Brewer, Dover-Foxcroft and Dexter. Check back on the website for upcoming classes and new courses.

Some of Mary Margaret's past Food Preparation Classes

Slice it, Salt it, Stomp it!
     Preserve your garden’s fresh vegetables for the winter without canning or freezing! At this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the fun and easy technique of lacto-fermentation to keep vegetables in their raw state for months of delicious eating. Cultures around the world take advantage of fermented vegetables as a digestive aid and for their enhanced nutrition and anti-cancer properties.

Kombucha: Fermented Non-Alcoholic Beverages Made at Home
     Tired of sugary colas and artificially flavored drinks? At this hands-on workshop you’ll learn to prepare naturally fizzy, flavorful and healthy beverages in your own kitchen with simple ingredients. Participants will find out why homemade refreshments like Kombucha are easy to make and good for you with instructor Mary Margaret Ripley of Ripley Farm.  You'll walk away having seen a real live SCOBY aka Kombucha "mushroom"! 

Tangy Trio: salsa, relish and pickles the lacto-fermented way
     Looking for a new way to use your garden’s September harvest?  At this hands-on workshop you’ll learn to make three kinds of fun and tasty condiments that will transform your garden’s abundance (and your dinners!) using the techniques of lacto-fermentation.  With no canning involved, the salsa, relish, and pickles covered in this class are quickly and easily made with fresh garden vegetables in small batches with the help from your instructor Mary Margaret Ripley of Ripley Farm.

Dairy Delights: Yogurt, Kefir, and Soft Cheese
     Do you delight in dairy? Have you ever wondered if you could make some of your favorite dairy products yourself? In this short class, you’ll learn how easy, tasty, and thrifty it can be to make value-added dairy products at home. Students will experience the hands-on process of dressing up plain milk into cultured, healthful foods like yogurt, kefir and soft cheese, gaining knowledge to take back to your own kitchens.

Cool Condiments: Salad Dressings, Mayonnaise, and Relishes
    It's the little things that matter the most! Nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen! Learn simple techniques for dressing up any meal using a surprisingly small number of common ingredients. After taking this class, you'll taste the difference in your salads, sides, and suppers and bask in the compliments to boot! Join your instructor Mary Margaret Ripley of Ripley Farm in mastering the finishing touches with flair in this hands on class.  Since 2007, Mary Margaret Ripley has been spending lots of time in the kitchen experimenting with adding flavor and flair to her dishes. The door of her fridge contains no bottles of store bought condiments and instead clanks with jars and jars of homemade concoctions.

Give FATS a Chance: How and why to add more healthy fats to your diet
   Calling all Jack and Jill Sprats! Forget your fat-phobia! Healthy fats make your food taste good and are actually important to your body! In this hands-on class, we'll delve into the secrets that made your grandmother's cooking so darn good: rendering and cooking with animal fats, making your own mayonnaise, and whisking up easy salad dressings!

If you have any questions about the classes, preparation techniques, or anything else feel free to contact Mary Margaret.

Dairy Delights: Yogurt, Kefir, and Soft Cheese Spring 2014 image