How Our CSA Sampler Works

Start loving vegetables in a whole new way.


A weekly box of organic farm-fresh vegetables with recipes, training, and support that will help you eat more vegetables, try new things, and have fun in the kitchen.


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When we started out trying to change the way we ate over a decade ago, we were newly out of college and quickly found out that it wasn’t going to be so easy to find good vegetables.

Because here’s what we don’t have to tell you about buying vegetables:

Finding truly fresh produce at the grocery store is nearly impossible.

Wondering if the food we are buying is safe to eat is an overwhelming feeling.

Good news! It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to eat “blah” vegetables.

You can eat great vegetables, local and organic vegetables, vegetables that look and taste a little different and create delighted, clamoring family members who LOVE the food you put on the table and won’t settle for any other.

We’re going to give you the tools to do it.

A CSA subscription is probably a good fit for you if…

You love to eat vegetables that taste great and want to add more vegetables to your diet.

You want variety in your diet and like trying new things.

You like to cook with fresh vegetables and experiment in the kitchen.

You care about where your food comes from.

You are excited to challenge yourself to grow and learn. 

You want to help your family by serving more and better vegetables. 

But have you ever felt like you don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve heard of a CSA, but are afraid it could be too many vegetables? How will you know what to do with new things? What if your family refuses to eat what you cook? You hate to waste food…

You are not alone, and we are here to help. Read on to learn how our CSA is designed to help you eat more vegetables and love every bite.

Hi, we’re Gene and Mary Margaret, and we spend a lot of our free time cooking in the kitchen. We are blessed with an abundance of fresh organic vegetables from our farm to make healthy home-cooked food three meals a day. We want to help you do it, too.

With our CSA vegetable subscription program, we’ll provide the veggies, recipes, and techniques to help you become savvy with fresh seasonal vegetables in your kitchen, wow family and company alike, and change the way you eat.

And we know it works.  We hear stories of transformation every day.  From hearing your favorite new recipe. That your husband will now eat formerly hated vegetables. That your kids are asking for seconds. That you feel healthier and have more energy. Seeing you ooh and ahh when you open the CSA box…

Are you ready to take the next step and join us in learning how to eat better vegetables?


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We want to help you because we know how much this program has helped our members succeed with their goals.  


"The recipes in the newsletter and online gallery make the CSA work better.  We told our friends about this.  They said, 'Our CSA doesn't have that!'"

-J. L., Ripley Farm CSA member


"The CSA allows me to eat the way I want to eat out of one simple box without going to the store."

-B.C., Ripley Farm CSA member


"The beets we got last time were out of this world - so delicious!"

-B. L., Ripley Farm CSA member

What comes with Ripley Farm's 2018 Summer CSA membership?

Delicious Veggies

16 weekly boxes of 7-9 great tasting fresh vegetables from our farm (July-October)

A Wide Variety

Hand-picked at peak flavor: different each week to keep it interesting

Peace of Mind

The USDA and MOFGA certified organic label.

Knowing Your Farmer

Direct contact with your farmers at pickups, in newsletters, and on social media.

"My life changed..."

"Once I became a member of Ripley Farm’s CSA farm share program in the summer of 2014, my life changed. A wide variety of MOFGA-certified organic, super fresh, clean and excellent quality veggies and culinary herbs are selected through the seasons to add amazing color and taste to my family’s table as well as to provide nutrition, which results in good health for our lives. How exciting to see what’s in my share box after each pickup and to read the accompanying newsletter, which provides storage and preparation ideas, cooking tips, and farm news! Mary Margaret and Gene are so warm and welcoming that I feel like a member of their extended family." 

--Pat Juska, Atkinson, ME, 5 years CSA member

Bonuses included with CSA membership

Member Support

Access to our CSA recipe gallery with 200+ seasonal, farmer-tested, easy recipes.  Plus access to our NEW CSA training library with tried and true strategies for not wasting a bite!

Private Online Community

Be part of our new private Facebook group for inspiration and support.  Get your questions answered and connect with like-minded CSA members.

PYO Flowers and Herbs

Slow down and enjoy beauty.  Pick a bouquet, fresh herbs, and relax and refresh yourself after a long day.  Treat yourself for free!  Open every week.

How it works

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Tell us you are ready for more and better vegetables. We’ll get growing.

Get your box

Pick up a weekly variety of vegetables hand selected by your farmers.

Enjoy fresh flavor

You don't have to be a fancy chef to prepare delicious food everyone will love.

What’s my investment?

How much is poor quality grocery store produce costing you? How many times have you had to throw out half your lettuce head? Why do the tomatoes taste like cardboard? Why are the “baby carrots” slimy and mushy? Does your family not like to eat vegetables? A lack of quality and freshness may already be costing you a great deal.    

"Just try it.  It will change your life."

-Ripley Farm CSA member

Three simple steps to sign up

Choose share type


Choose pickup site


Mail check


Ripley Farm's 2018 Summer CSA membership - SOLD OUT FOR 2018 (disappointed? scroll down!)

  • 16 weekly boxes of fresh vegetables
  • A wide variety to keep it interesting
  • Direct contact with your farmers
  • USDA certified organic label
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Free pick-your-own flowers and herbs
  • CSA recipe gallery
  • CSA training library
  • Private Facebook Community


Every year we hate to turn away people after we are sold out.... So introducing the first ever...

Ripley Farm's 2018 Summer CSA SAMPLER membership - So you can try it out!

Participate for 3 weeks as if you were a full CSA member and see how it is:

  • 3 Summer CSA boxes of fresh vegetables (one per month in August, September, and October)
  • Same veggies as full members get: a wide variety to keep it interesting
  • Direct contact with your farmers at your 3 pickup dates
  • USDA certified organic label
  • Weekly newsletter with your 3 sampler shares
  • CSA recipe gallery - online recipe support to help you use your veggies

Bonuses for CSA Sampler members:

  • Priority status on the waiting list - so you can get first dibs if someone drops out (which does happen)
  • Full access EVERY WEEK to pick-your-own flowers and herbs
  • Full access THE WHOLE SEASON to our new CSA training libray
  • Full access THE WHOLE SEASON to our new private Facebook group community
  • Early bird access to sign up for our 2018-19 Winter CSA
  • Early bird access to sign up for our 2019 Summer CSA


CSA Sampler Details 

  • $99 for 3 pickups
  • One pick up per month August, September and October
  • We pick the exact dates and will assign you yours by the beginning of August
  • Valid for on farm pickup in Dover-Foxcroft only
  • Pickups are on Wednesdays from 2-6pm


How does payment work?

Ripley Farm's CSA Sampler memberships are available on a first come first serve basis.  Please complete the online sign up form as soon as you know you want to do it.  Full payment of $99 is due after you submit your online sign up form.  You can pay by check or cash, but sorry no credit cards at this time.

What if you pick a date that doesn't work for me to come get it?

In late July or early August, we will confirm your 3 dates via email before they are finalized.  Don't worry, we can have a little bit of flexibility in the planning stages if you have a prior vacation scheduled.  Though, once you give your final "okay" on the dates of your 3 pickups, we will not be able to move things around after that.

I live in Bangor. Can I still do the CSA Sampler membership?

Yes, you can, but you will need to drive out to the farm in Dover Foxcroft to pickup your shares.  2018 is a trial year for the CSA Sampler program.  So, at this time it is only available for pick up on the farm.  But, hey, a chance to see where you food comes from a few times this year might be just what you're looking for!

Who can participate in the CSA Sampler program?

  • CSA Sampler is open to anyone who has never been a Ripley Farm CSA member.  The program is meant to be a trial for those who missed the opportunity to sign up for the full CSA before it became full.  Unfortunately we cannot offer this special program to people who have been CSA members in the past.
  • CSA Sampler is a one-time offer.  Anyone who participates this year will get their chance to sign up as a full member of the CSA, but will not be able to return as a CSA Sampler member for another year.  

I don't want to do the CSA Sampler program.  Can I just get on the waiting list for 2019?

Yes, definitely!  And we will let you know as soon as we open sign up for 2019.

Get on our waiting list here.

Have additional questions? 

Please contact us if you have questions that we haven't covered here.  This is a new program for us!  Email us at

Join us.


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