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An online "famers market" to help you get organic veggies straight from the farm.


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If you love garden fresh taste more than anything, but don’t quite have the time or space to do it all yourself, we can help.

Join our Preorder email list for organic vegetables harvested just for you direct from our family farm. Order a little or a lot, often or not, and connect with us when you pick up your custom order.

Lighten your load by letting us do a little gardening for you—just the way you would!

Ripley Farm's Pre-order Buying Club

How it works

Get availability email

On Saturdays we send a current list of what you can order.  Open it and decide what you want.

Place your order

Email us a list of what you want by the end of Sunday.

Pickup your veggies

We'll have your order ready for you on Wednesday on the farm between 3-6pm.  Pay by cash or check.  

Frequently Asked Questions about preordering:


  • Is there a minimum order?
    No, there is no minimum order size. You can order as little as you need.
  • Do I have to order every week?
    No, you can order whenever works for you to come pick it up! No commitment necessary.
  • Do you sell bulk items like tomatoes, beans, potatoes, etc for canning, freezing, fermenting, and/or winter storage?
    Yes, and this is the list to be on to be notified about when we have surplus. We may list a price for small quantities and then a separate price for larger bulk quantities as available.
  • How do I get the list?
    We send an updated list via email on a regular schedule, always on Saturdays.  Between July and October, it comes out every Saturday.  Between November-June, it comes out twice a month.  The way to get the availability emails is to sign up below, and you will be sent the next available list.  
  • What are the order pick up dates?
    They are always on Wednesdays and are the same as the Summer and Winter CSA distribution dates.  Click here to find out the current dates.


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